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Enjoying the warmth
of the Sun
 Even indoors 

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Sleep and Dream
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Beautiful cozy and warm
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Warm Mirror 

Warm bath Room
No steam on mirror

Takes the Heat Technology to the Next Generation

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” PicHeat ” is not only efficient heating because with decorative product suitable for every room and home . The smart guys can get your ” in many designs. Whether you want a picture to the photo of the kids or the bathroom mirror . ” PicHeat ” is a design of your house. So you get the warmth design and physical warmth .

Low maintenance

Are you tired of worrying all the time that children do not touch the radiator , the heat sink does not fall and burn the house? Are you tired of worrying about the huge quantities of dust accumulating on the radiator and requires a thorough cleaning once a number of weeks ? Are you tired of your radiator or heat sink stuck in the middle of your living room on the island of aesthetic significance? So ” PicHeat ” is what you need !
” PicHeat ” in addition to being an excellent heating will provide you with the aesthetic you were looking for . ” Clever ” will provide you with the sigh of relief knowing that your child can not get a burn . ” Clever ” will provide the comfort of clean with a damp cloth to clean all the frequency with which different picture on the wall, and the story ends . Finally, ” PicHeat ” will provide you the comfort in knowing that the house will not burn , and the option to turn on heating once you get home and immediately start to warm up without having to adhere to any heater .


You might be asking yourself wow this thing must weigh quite a bit … so not ” PicHeat ” does not weigh more than the usual picture of your living room . Making it easy to install, and gives you Atharooh of self-installation without the need for an external .


” PicHeat ” improves the function of the body, using infrared waves . Wave infrared features such as pain relief , releasing toxins imprisoned in the body, repair damaged cells , air freshener , refreshing breath , helps plant growth. ” PicHeat ” will also provide you with a healthy and refreshing sleep more . All without side effects !


Yes we know you expect it to be overpriced because if the radiator can cost NIS 1,000 in the creation of such technology , decorative surely will cost a lot. This is not ” PicHeat ” comes up as a normal radiator just a personal design and warm, and lots of benefits you will not find any radiator .

Fast Heating

” PicHeat ” is not like any regular home heating . Standard heating takes him a long time until you can feel the change in temperature from the lighting. With ” PicHeat ” you will immediately feel the temperature change and enjoy the heating does not require a long time until the beginning of the heating , since it started .

Does not dry the air

Unlike a normal dryer heating the air , ” PicHeat ” Not Eyed moisture and leaves you the privilege to feel warm without drying .


Gas stoves pollute the environment, wood stoves also burn forests . ” PicHeat ” will give a cheaper solution does not pollute ! ” Smart ” low energy consumer is the fact that 92 % of the energy for heating streamlining bodies . ” Smart power will lower radiator heating as burning energy.

Fast Heater

Returning from a night out with the kids outside is very cold? Turn on the smart guys ” you. Unlike conventional heaters it takes time before kicking in with ” smart ” and instead immediately feel the change in your body temperature .

Quick Setup

Do not worry there is no need to book install, all you need is a blank wall space with electrical outlet close, bend two metal strips installed on the frame. Attached to the wall power companies and Enjoy decorative heating will make your life more peaceful and beautiful.