Enjoy the sun

Enjoying the warmth
of the Sun
 Even indoors 

Dream Big

Sleep and Dream
in a cozy room


Beautiful cozy and warm
in the house rooms

Warm Mirror 

Warm bath Room
No steam on mirror

Takes the Heat Technology to the Next Generation

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Design benefits

Heating products infrared method has myriad design possibilities . And heating implanted in a variety of glass designs , printing pictures, mirrors and underfloor heating .

Advantages of heating capacity and power consumption

Infrared system are myriad other benefits . Low energy consumption . Independent studies confirm energy savings between 80% and 60% compared to standard air heating .

Heating by infrared increases the level of personal comfort . Brown makeup on red allows the heat source to start in the floor and ceiling. In many cases allows you to adjust the thermostat between 15-12 degrees less than normal air heater .

Rapid recovery , infrared energy contained provides a fast and effective areas with high frequency change in temperature .

Flexible design . Infrared heating can be placed where the heat consumed more . In this way energy waste will be reduced because not screened unoccupied areas .

Better air quality – because infrared heating does not dry the air and does not rely on air to transfer heat . Excess amount of dust is minimal. Heating infrared heating work .

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