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Takes the Heat Technology to the Next Generation

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What is infrared heating ?
This infrared heating system that provides heat by thermal radiation . In order to better understand how to work the thermal radiation . Let’s take an example that we all know . Sun.

The sun emits infrared rays . Or thermal radiation which passes about 150 million miles through space in the cold . Only when the sun’s rays hit the Earth are converted to heat by damage to objects . Heated objects emit heat energy to the environment, contact , conduction and radiation. , And heat the ambient air in the electromagnetic spectrum .

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. This includes gamma rays , X-rays, ultraviolet , visible light , infrared , microwaves and radio waves . Such as solar energy , heat energy is emitted in the form of radial electromagnetic waves , in the near infrared light in the visible electromagnetic spectrum . These principles are applied infrared heating .



Heat is transferred between



Radiation – this way the energy transfer between the source emits radiation directly to the object without an interim measure . Like visible light , radiation radially transmitted directly from the source object. And the air is not heated directly but from the heated objects .

Conduction – this way the thermal heat transfer between the two materials in contact . During this transfer , the two objects act Get the temperature difference between them.

Convection – Convection is caused by temperature differences between objects. Is a common description of energy going through the air and the heated object .

Infrared heating using a radial heat transfer allows the heat source to start at the floor and ceiling. Consequently, infrared heating more efficient and consumes less energy relative to other products on the market.

Conventional heating methods mainly that heat the air to 70% and the objects in the room only 30 % .

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And heating by infrared objects in the room warming up by 70% and 30% air.

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