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Product Warranty decorative heating

Dear  Sir./ Client,

Congratulations on purchasing the product and thank you for choosing us.

We confirm that the product meets the requirements of the Israeli standard and we are responsible for its the proper operation.

Fill out the information properly and keep the purchase invoice in order to exercise the warranty.


    First name: Last name:
    Place of purchase:
    Type of product:
    Product model:
    Serial Number:
    Warranty start date:


    We are pleased to provide five years of full warranty on your product.
    Warranty period:

    Warranty period as specified above is from the date of purchase and for use of private, domestic and personal.

    Exercise the warranty period was contingent on the following:

    – Fill  Warranty table on the Web site: www.lrpexport.com (under the button “Guarantee”), within 14 days of purchase.


    – Sending a copy of the warranty certificate in the following ways: Mail, fax, e.

    – Attach the warranty card to the  purchase invoice when you call.

    Exercise of Warranty :

    – During the warranty period , the Company undertakes to repair , without charge , any product discovered corruption , including replacement of parts , without charge, to the extent and to the extent required.

    – During the warranty period, the Company undertakes to return the product in it was if not for spoilage .

    – The Company undertakes to provide to the consumer after the repair permission in writing detailing the nature of the correction made and parts replaced .

    – Warranty does not apply and the company will be exempt off charges according to this certificate , if the spoilage resulted from one of the following reasons:

    Force majeure occurred after product delivery to the consumer.
    Usage not according to guidelines in the user manual .
    Mechanical damage caused by one of the parts of the product , whether intentionally or as a result of negligence ( fall, shock , etc.).
    Repair product made ​​by someone who is authorized to do so by now .
    – If the spoilage resulted from one of the reasons discussed above, the Company shall be entitled to charge for the repair , spare parts , transport and replacement product (or any of them ) .

    – Warranty will be valid only stamped and signed by an authorized distributor near and along with the purchase invoice .

    – Warranty will not apply if the serial number sticker on it and it appears altered, removed or obscured .

    Place making amendments and schedules:

    – Products will be delivered to correct one of the selling points of authorized distributors, as it appears on the company website. Product transfer to and from the point of sale is the customer’s responsibility and expense.

    – During the warranty period, for which the amendment be amended delivered within 14 working days of their delivery at the point of sale.